CED, BIMAP to offer  management course
November 20, 2009

CED, BIMAP to offer management course

Come January next year, Vincentians will have an opportunity to complete certificate courses through the Centre for Enterprise Development (CED).{{more}}

The CED, in partnership with the Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP), will begin to offer a one-year, 45 hours duration Certificate in Management Studies.

Manager of Training and Education at CED Jacintha James, at a joint press conference with representatives of BIMAP, said that her organization was proud to offer that type of service to Vincentians.

“We have realized that we are living in a competitive environment, and whereas the CED has been offering training programmes over the years, these programmes have not been accredited.”

“And so the CED is making that step to ensure that the programmes we offer are accredited and certified so that when persons have completed these programmes, then they have something to show and something that would be recognized not just in St. Vincent but in the region and the world.”

According to Training Administrator at BIMAP Sonia Greenidge-Franklyn, the two organizations have collaborated on training exercises in the past, and she believes that Vincentians should be able to benefit from staying at home and receiving top quality, internationally recognized training and certification.

“We trust that persons in St. Vincent will take up the offer and grab the opportunity to achieve their academic goals and to achieve them at a much lower cost than if they have to leave St. Vincent to pursue that training.”

The programme consists of three courses, two one-day seminars, costing about EC$2,500. The CED is hoping for a minimum 20 persons for enrollment in the programme. James indicated that to date the response has been encouraging.

Upon successful completion, persons can go on to the two and a half year diploma program, either through a bachelor’s programme or a master’s with the University of Surrey.

The programme was described by BIMAP Training Counselor Veronica Squires as a short but well rounded one that affords students additional credentials and also enhances the students’ skills.

“It is very important that we step up so that we could align ourselves with training needs because some organizations need to reorganize and retool, so we have to be strong in management,” Squires said. (JJ)