November 20, 2009
CanFest coming again

Vincentians are in high anticipation for the 3rd Annual “Digicel – KFC Canfest”, and R.O.K Entertainment with support of its sponsors will not disappoint them.{{more}}

Canfest, a charity event, provides the public with an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to charity. In exchange for a contribution of Only 3 Cans of Food, patrons are given a ticket to the event where they are provided with musical and artistic entertainment. All food donated is distributed to the local charities and families that need it the most.

The first event, held on Friday, December 28, 2007, at the Victoria Park, saw thousands of Vincentians from various walks of live supporting charity. Due to the successful impact of the event, R.O.K Entertainment with the support of major sponsors Digicel, KFC, Hot 97.1, Hairoun, Guinness, Grenadine House, Eve and Right Stuff, the event is now an annual phenomenon.

CANFEST 2009 will be held at the Victoria Park on Friday, December 11, 2009 and will feature a performance from International Reggae Superstar Anthony B, with his backing band Caution out of Kingston Jamaica. Patrons will be required to donate only three different cans of food in exchange for a ticket to the event.

No cans will be exchanged at the gate on the night of the event. Patrons are asked to get their Tickets early at the various outlets which will be published at a later date to be announced and avoid the rush. For further details contact 533.2545 or visit ROK Saint Vincent on Facebook.