Young LIME celebrates with SVG customers
November 13, 2009

Young LIME celebrates with SVG customers

One year after rebranding its Caribbean operations as LIME, the British telecoms giant that has dominated regional communications for almost a century, as reporting significant success despite the economic recessions.{{more}}

Country Manager for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Angus Steele, while recounting the achievements of the former Cable & Wireless, said:

“We have stepped up our communications and made ourselves more accessible to our customers. We have reduced rates twice to make it cheaper for customers to call on our network. The Next Generation Network (NGN) is a significant initiative we have undertaken and our customers will soon see the benefits of Universal Services. Our commitment to culture, education, sport and the community over the year is impressive.”

He added “In spite of the global economic crisis, we have to continue to focus on delivering world-class customer services that is second to none, to offer cost-effective products and services that are relevant, push for market leadership in all product lines and continue to support sports, culture, education and the community.”

Last November, C&W launched its LIME brand in 13 Caribbean countries. The excitement created was enormous, particularly for Dominican Lucille Worrell who won US $1 million. Steele described “the bold move to introduce a manifesto” as revolutionary since “no other company in the Caribbean had ever done so”.

The LIME manifesto promised to invest heavily in major Caribbean festivals like carnivals and culture in general, education in the form of making Internet access available to schools and other learning institutions, to be at the centre of major recovery efforts during times of national emergency, improve the service at our Contact Center and most importantly our colleagues will have a personal development plan.

To celebrate its first anniversary, LIME customers came in for a treat on November 7, when all fixed line customers received FREE ON NET calls, prepaid mobile customers took full advantage of an on-the-spot double bubble at the LIME retail store and postpaid customers received free weekend calls.

Last Monday, LIME and Courts partnered to donate a 21 inch television and a 3-in-1 (printer, copier and scanner) to the Sion Hill Government School. Both companies have offices in the Sion Hill community. Several executives and managers visited corporate customers and presented them with LIME birthday cakes to mark the occasion. Members of staff received gifts from various business partners for taking part in a competition to express their opinion about working for LIME.