November 13, 2009

St Clair Dacon Secondary: looking to take top spot

The 2009-2010 St Clair Dacon Secondary Young Leaders are looking to change the habits of the rest of the student population.{{more}}

Working with the theme “Making holistic wellness contagious”, they are setting out to educate others on the importance of being well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

President of the group, Willeisha London, encouraged her peers to support the young leaders this year, particularly because they have a positive message to spread.

“We are trying to reach the rest of the student body as there are a lot of issues,” Charmaine Deane, coordinating teacher, told SEARCHLIGHT.

Issues highlighted by Deane included: poor choices being made by some students, including coming to school with nothing to eat.

It is hoped that the proposed activities, including a health fair, wellness walk, rally and fruit day would have a positive impact on the students and community.

The 27 students associated with the project this year will also be mindful of the second spot they captured in the 2008-2009 competition and will be looking to take the top position.

“The students are very motivated this year,” Deane said, adding that they had taken on full responsibility for organising and implementing activities.

“They are really looking forward to taking the top spot this year,” she added.