November 13, 2009

Liberty Lodge Boys get HIV training

The students at the Liberty Lodge Boys Training Centre are now well versed on matters relating to hygiene and HIV/AIDS.{{more}}

But the process has only just begun as they have been challenged to continue putting into practice what they have learnt.

This was the message at the closing ceremony of a training course on November 5.

The three month programme titled ‘The Safe Health Practices’ was aimed at giving participants the opportunity to build their leadership skills and to reduce their vulnerability to HIV infection.

They also received basic information on self-esteem, communication, behavioural change, emotional maturity, hygiene, nutrition and human rights.

According to the programme’s organisers, the participants were taught some important values, but in a creative way.

“We knew we had a challenge to get information out to the boys,” Scott Sharland, Peace Corps volunteer and facilitator explained.

“But it all sounds boring,” he added.

The sessions included a combination of theory and fun activities, Sharland added.

He said while the topics covered appeared to be basic habits persons needed to have, some of the participants may not have received such training.

“On August 5, 2009 when the programme was conceived, I knew then what had been planned. Now I am happy to see and say with conviction that the programme was a success,” said Michael Akers, Director of the training centre.

“The idea of trying to improve work done and to do things in a different way; it did work and they had fun.”