October 23, 2009
LIME sponsors Caribbean ICT Road show

Leading full service telecommunications provider LIME is pleased with its participation in the fourth leg of the Caribbean Telecommunication Union (CTU) road show and has committed itself to further participation in the future.

The ICT Road Show got on the way at the National Insurance Services Conference room last Monday.{{more}}

The road show comes at a time when the CTU is celebrating 20 years of service in the Caribbean under the theme “Harnessing the power of innovation, the engine for ICT-enabled development”. The CTU is committed to visiting all 20 members of the union in one year. St Kitts, Antigua and Belize are the territories covered so far.

Delivering her address on behalf of LIME, Head of Corporate Sales and Services Cicyln Joseph outlined the many ways in which LIME is supporting ICT and stated that LIME has over the years actively used advance Telecommunication Technology to position SVG and the Caribbean region on the map for potential investors in developing our nation’s youth, in working with Government and various organizations, in improving the use of ICT’s in our medical, legal, manufacturing and business sector.

The Hot Seat discussion between LIME, Karib Cable and the NTRC to debate the topic “Can the cost of Broadband be reduced?” was the highlight of second day’s agenda. LIME Country Manager Angus Steele was well prepared for the debate and outlined the work that LIME is doing to support ICT.

The Country Manager challenged the Vincentian public to seek information about prices or availability of products and services and in all discussions with partners, players and potential investors to ensure the right information is communicated.

He further called on our regulators to look at persons that hog networks resulting in the need to shape networks via their design, and what is allowed cross the networks. “Particular attention should be paid to those that do not pay taxes in country, employ citizens, pay for spectrum and licences and have corporate responsibility to assist in the overall development of the nation. Such providers of VoIP and other services simply should be either charged if their services are to be allowed in our country and countries in the region or disallowed given that overall negative, disruptive and destructive impact to our small island states and economies”, contended Steele.

The General Interest Forum on day two also included discussions on Public Sector Innovation, Creating an Enabling Environment for Electronic Payment, E-Business Round Table Case study and Community forum in Mespo and Georgetown where LIME executives spoke to the residents on the “Power in your hand, the mobile phone. Value beyond the call”.

One of the lasting memories of the week was the performance by the students of the CW Prescod Primary school. Their dramatization of how technology changed over time brought a standing ovation from the audience.

Secretary General CTU Bernadette Lewis expressed delight at the success of the SVG leg of the Caribbean ICT roadshow.