Two make history for Technical College
October 9, 2009
Two make history for Technical College

Two recent graduates of the Division of Technical and Vocational Studies of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College are thrilled beyond measure at the unexpected good news they received this week.{{more}}

Alanda Moses and Nedra Bascombe have been named as the first two recipients of awards for further studies based on good performance at the Division.

At a press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday, Minister of Education Girlyn Miguel said the two performed “very well” in the areas of Agricultural Science and Hospitality Studies, respectively.

Eighteen-year-old Moses, who was the Valedictorian of the class of 2009, as well as being the Most Outstanding student in the Agricultural Science programme, said she has always had a passion for Agriculture.

The Vermont resident, who is now employed with the Veterinary Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, said that her interest in the subject was awakened while she was a student of the Bishop’s College Kingstown. There, the aspiring veterinarian studied Agricultural Science for all five years she spent at the school.

Explaining her motivation, Moses said: “In St. Vincent we have land and we need people who have the technical training to know how to use this resource. That is the main reason I got involved in Agriculture.”

Moses said while at the Community College, she took courses in approximately 25 areas over a two-year period. While Animal Biology was her favourite subject, she was also exposed to Plant Biology, Cattle Production, Small Ruminant Production, Poultry Production, Plant Protection, Crop Protection, Chemistry, Mathematics and Communications Studies, among others.

The third child of Aldine Moses, Alanda shared that her father Adolphus Moses died when she was 10 years old, and still a pupil at the Questelles Government School.

Mother and daughter are both excited about the possibilities which now exist for Alanda, who said while her first choice is veterinary medicine, she is open to other options in the area of Agricultural Science.

All 22-year-old Nedra Bascombe had on her mind when she woke up on Tuesday morning was the same thing that has been on her mind for the past four months – finding a job. Never did she expect to receive the news that she is the recipient of an award from the government to pursue further studies.

Even though Nedra received the award for being the Most Outstanding Student in Hospitality Studies at the Division of Technical and Vocational Studies at their graduation ceremony in June this year, her efforts to find employment thus far have been fruitless.

The daughter of Robert and Joyce Webb of Carierre, Nedra is the 13th of fourteen children born to her mother. She shared that she is the first child in her family to pursue education beyond secondary school, except for an older sister who entered the Division of Nursing Education as a mature student and recently graduated.

A former student of the St Clair Dacon Secondary School, Nedra would like to pursue further studies in Hospitality Management, but admitted she also has a passion for Mathematics and Information Technology.

While she is ecstatic about her prospects for the future, Nedra hopes that she will soon find employment. She describes herself was very friendly and proactive and said the ideal position would be as a receptionist or secretary.

Nedra views the move by government to award students from the Division of Technical and Vocational studies as a good one, as previously, she said, most of the focus was on the students from the Division of Arts, Science and General Studies.

“Why aren’t students from Technical and Teachers’ College given the $500?” she asked, referring to an incentive paid to graduates of the Division of Arts, Science and General Studies who achieve a certain standard in external examinations.

Chief Education Officer Susan Dougan at a press conference on Tuesday said that favourable consideration would be given to including students from other Divisions.