Prophet: tsunami coming
October 2, 2009
Prophet: tsunami coming

Vincentians on mainland St. Vincent and on the Grenadine island of Bequia have been warned to prepare for a tsunami before the end of the year.{{more}}

But it is not coming from local or regional disaster agencies.

Instead, the news has come from self-confessed prophet Norwegian Svein Overgard, who has been walking the streets of these islands proclaiming what he has been describing as a revelation from God.

He claimed he was directed to travel to Bequia by God while vacationing in the Mediterranean.

“He told me to get up and go to Bequia. I don’t think I had before ever heard of Bequia. I’ve heard of some countries around these parts but not of Bequia. I wouldn’t be able to place them on a map if somebody asked me to,” Overgard explained.

Promptly obeying the instruction and journeying alone, Overgard arrived in the region on September 10 and traveled to the Grenadine isle nine mile south of the mainland, where he waited for two weeks before receiving another revelation.

He claimed that on Sunday, September 27, God mentioned to him: “Tsunami 2009”.

This was followed by the words “St. Vincent and the Grenadines” on Monday, and “Disastrous amount of water” on Tuesday.

“I was talking this in the streets of Bequia… I have been talking to the churches and I would encourage the churches to reach out to the people.”

Asked how Vincentians had reacted to his message, Overgard described the responses as “mixed”.

“Some say they will do their prayers, some don’t want to believe. Some say this is a warning because God does not destroy without a warning or giving people a chance to repent,” he added.

Overgard said he “feels bad” being the bearer of bad news that there will be “huge casualties”.