Trinidad and Tobago posse enjoys SVG visit
September 11, 2009
Trinidad and Tobago posse enjoys SVG visit

The eco-tourism product in St. Vincent and the Grenadines was given two thumbs up by a group of Trinidad and Tobago adventurists who visited recently on a four-day visit.{{more}}

Seventeen members of Corkie’s Casual Cycling Club, comprising former national cyclists and athletes, with a love for outdoor adventure, added this country to the list of places visited, where they were able to make use of the natural attractions ranging from La Soufriere to Bequia.

Accompanied by the Chief Executive Officer of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority Yvonne Armour Shillingford, SEARCHLIGHT visited the adventurers on Monday August 31, as they enjoyed a farewell dinner hosted by Trevor ‘Sailor’ Bailey of Sailor’s Wilderness Tours.

Group Member Ivan Charles, who is also a tour guide in his native Trinidad, said that what he had seen while here ranked highly among what was there to offer in his home.

“We went to Dark View Falls, Bequia and La Soufriere and I must say that they were spectacular and unbelievable.”

He said that the magnificence of the olcano was one that stood out in his memory.

Charles’ sentiments were shared by other members of the group, whose professional backgrounds range from law to medicine, to banking and business.

He said that the members have a common love for cycling, but their passion was not limited to that.

Charles said he sees great potential for the eco tourism industry here, which is what tourists now are moving towards more and more.

“The tourists that come to these islands like it like this – natural, homey feeling.

It is not superficial or artificial. It is not cosmetic.”

“They like that raw package because they are getting tired of the resort type of things. They want to come back to nature and you guys have the nature here.”

The businessman suggested that a number of facilities, such as wash rooms and more tour guides can complement an already wonderful product, and that the development of these natural attractions are putting the local tourism authority on the right path.

The group is hoping to return to these shores in about a year’s time, when they hope to have a cycling, mountain biking, kayaking and hiking package.

They also indicated that they definitely plan to share the word that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is indeed The Natural Place To Be. (JJ)