September 11, 2009
LIME facilitates Constitutional Debate online

When the history of this country is written, full telecommunications service provider LIME will be remembered for the invaluable contribution made in facilitating the live video broadcast of the House of Assembly debate of the new Constitution Bill on the Internet.{{more}}

This historic project was a collaboration between the Agency for Public Information, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Telecommunications and LIME.

Speaker of the House of Assembly Hendrick Alexander opened the debate on the new Constitutional Bill by praising the efforts of LIME for making it possible for persons to not only hear the debate but also being able to see all the Parliamentarians as they debated the bill from their perspective. He commented:: “It is a tribute that LIME has, through the use of modern technology, connected persons at home and in the Diaspora to this historic debate. Persons can sit in their offices and living rooms and feel as if they are part of the strangers’ gallery, so to speak. I hope to see more of this collaboration in the future. There is no reason why all debates should not be carried live on the Internet. We must thank LIME for their contribution.”

Recently, LIME streamed several Carnival events live via the Internet, and Country Manager Angus Steele, who was very instrumental in making it possible said: “We streamed Vincy Mas live and had hundreds of hits for all the shows. When we were approached by Minister Thompson to stream the constitutional debate, there was no hesitation on my part that LIME should be involved in this historic occasion. We have the network and the resources to assist with these projects. As a good corporate citizen it is our duty to contribute to national development. We received commendations from persons in the Diaspora as they were able to see their Parliamentarians debate the bill LIVE. It is my hope that we can work with the Government to have all meetings of the house broadcast live in the future.”

The House of Assembly debates are carried live on radio and television by the Agency for Public Information (API). Technical Support Officer Lance Neverson viewed the debate of the new Constitutional Bill as a milestone and commented “streaming a debate live on the web is most noteworthy and has never happened before. Without LIME’s involvement this would not have been possible. LIME stepped up to the plate when called upon to give service to country. It is comforting to know that there is a service provider here that you can call on and without any hesitation they are there for you. Kudos must be given to Khalique Bailey for his professionalism and dedication towards making the broadcast possible. No thanks are too great for LIME in this regard.”

The debate was carried for three days and Internet users from all around the world were able to see and hear all members of the house debate the pros and cons of the new Constitutional Bill.