September 11, 2009
CED showing business people a new path to Profitability

Marketing Excellence – “Your New Path to Profitability” is the theme under which the Centre for Enterprise Development Inc. (CED) Business Gateway Project held a seminar on Marketing Your Business next week.{{more}}

The seminar, which took place from September 7th to 9th at The Knowledge Institute, exposed participants to various marketing, sales and merchandising techniques that should enable them to gain greater market share and increase profitability. It was held in conjunction with Invest SVG (formerly the National Investment Promotions Inc.).

According to CED’S Public Relations Officer Keisha Phillips, the workshop was specifically designed for marketing and brand managers, business owners and operators, sales clerks, and communications officers.

“Marketing is key in any successful business and CED Business Gateway realizes that many entrepreneurs fail to see this as an important element in the creation/development of a successful business,” says Phillips.

“The business environment is more competitive today, hence the need for marketing. Through this workshop we hope to make local business owners and operators understand that marketing is a very important tool to the survival and success of their businesses, and to also equip them with some basic marketing tools that they can employ.”

Over the three-day period, Curtis Dennie, Business Facilitation Services Officer/After Care Service Officer at Invest SVG, lectured participants on What is Marketing; Differentiating between Marketing and Selling; Examining your Customers; Understanding Value; Branding; Marketing Communication; and Doing More for Less.