September 4, 2009
Hitz 103.7 Morning Show has new face, new look, new feel

Hitz 103.7 is giving listeners a new way to start the day with its morning show, Wake Up & Go, hosted by Joel Bibby, aka The Fugitive, who is the new face of the show. The show combines weather, news, entertainment, and includes discussion about social issues affecting the Vincentian public.{{more}}

According to Programme Manager Maxian Harry, “Our show will give you what you need to know and be entertaining enough to wake you up and make you smile; and having Fugitive as part of our team is very exciting.”

Head of Sales & Marketing of SVGBC Candice Sealey, further added that “This is an exciting time in the evolution of Hitz 103.7. Fugitive brings his training, experience and a unique style that plays well with the strengths of our already familiar Morning show.” She noted that the new morning show with Fugitive will present an opportunity for the station to make a positive impact on the community by dealing with facts as opposed to be being driven by propaganda. She emphasized that Fugitive’s training and experience will be an asset to the company and assist the station in regaining its number one spot, and that already there has been an obvious increase in listenership, which is quite evident in the increased number of minivans listening to the station in the morning as well as the increased number of callers.

Fugitive will present a fast-paced show with a fun, informative focus, while including helpful morning information and interactive segments. The Hitz 103.7 Wake Up and Go Morning Show will also welcome live guests, discuss social issues, current events, entertainment news, the biggest tracks of the day, as well as the ‘Classics’. The Morning Show airs daily from 6 am – 9 am.