SJCK records 82 percent pass rate
August 28, 2009
SJCK records 82 percent pass rate

The students and teachers at the St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown (SJCK) must surely be overjoyed at the performance of this year’s students in the CXC Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations. With 458 subject passes, the school recorded an 82 per cent pass rate – a significant increase on the 2008 pass rate of 73 per cent!{{more}}

The school’s top four performers were Alayna Dublin, Kareem Bynoe, Shakelia John and Shereese Edwards. SEARCHLIGHT was able to interview three of them.

Bequia resident Kareem Bynoe is determined to seek a career in Environmental Engineering. To aid this ambition, she has already signed up at the Community College for Computing, Psychology and Environmental Science. Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Kareem was confident that her time at the institution will result in good grades because she is looking forward to tackling the syllabus.

Kareem passed nine subjects in English A, English B, French, Geography, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Spanish and Information Technology. She gained five subjects at Grade 1 and four subjects at Grade 2. The 17-year-old revealed that she revised a lot before her exams, but it was only to cement what she had learnt. “I remember stuff easily.” She also received a lot of encouragement from her grandmother Eulena Ollivierre (with whom she lives) and her aunt Jacqueline Ollivierre.

Outspoken Alayna Dublin is doubly happy. She is elated that she achieved good grades, and also elated that her best friend, Shakelia John, has joined her on SJCK’s top performers podium. The 16-year-old successfully sat ten subjects in Biology, Chemistry, English A, French, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies, Spanish and Information Technology. She achieved two subjects at Grade 1, five at Grade 2 and three at Grade 3.

In her free time she enjoys socializing with her friends and listening to music. Daughter of Cheryl-Ann Dublin, she’s also a member of Kingstown Chorale Juniors and her church’s dance group.

The Largo Heights resident will be studying Chemistry, Environmental Science and Sociology at the Community College, and is hoping to re-take CSEC Biology. With ambitions of pursuing a career in Forensic Science, she will need the subject at a higher grade in order to take Biology at tertiary level. She has wise words for those now entering Form 5: “Start preparing in Form 3… don’t skylark at all!”

Sixteen-year-old Shakelia John, a bubbly and easy-going youngster, passed 9 subjects in English A, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Office Administration, Principle of Accounts, Principles of Business, Social Studies, Spanish and Information Technology. She gained one subject at Grade 1, 7 at Grade 2 and one at Grade 3.

Pleased with her results, the Queen’s Drive resident believes that the effort she put into her revision is reflected in her grades.

However, there is more to Shakelia then her academic ability. She was a member of Young Leaders and Girl Guides, the school choir, and is currently a Ranger Guide. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, playing football with her brother and father, and taking care of the family’s 5 dogs!

Come September, Shakelia, daughter of Reuben and Christine John, will be attending the Community College to study Accounts, Business Studies and Sociology. Ideally, she would like to follow in her father’s footsteps by pursuing a career in Accounting.

SEARCHLIGHT was unable to contact Shereese Edwards up to the time of press. She passed nine subjects in Biology, English A, Mathematics, Office Administration, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business, Social Studies, Spanish and Information Technology. She gained 2 subjects at grade 1, five at grade 2 and two at Grade 3.

SJCK Principal Calma Balcombe expressed: “We are pleased with the performance of the students in the area of Science… The Business subjects continue to show a high level of consistency… The students continue to produce excellent results in Technical Vocational subjects, whilst the modern languages and social sciences have also shown commendable performances.”

At a recent press conference, Chief Education Officer Susan Dougan commended the school on its excellent performance, noting the significant increase in pass rate. “I hope this trend continues!”

The school recorded 100 per cent passes in seven subject areas, and has retained its number 3 spot in the secondary school ranking system.(JSV)