US$10,000 up for grabs in 2009 Heineken Green Synergy DJ competition
August 21, 2009
US$10,000 up for grabs in 2009 Heineken Green Synergy DJ competition

Heineken, the most widely distributed and most valuable premium beer brand in the world, announces the beginning of its 2009 Green Synergy DJ Competition, the number one music program in the Caribbean. The program supports the talent of aspiring DJ’s who compete in live performances while they demonstrate their skills to become Heineken Green Synergy 2009 Champion.{{more}}

The program, celebrated throughout the Caribbean region, starts this Saturday night and runs until October 2009. Each participating country conducts their own competition to find their winner who will compete in the grand finale in St. Maarten. “For the first time, the competition will feature a challenging interaction between two DJ’s as they demonstrate their individual skills first before clashing with another DJ to showcase their skills,” explained Linette Morales, Marketing Executive of Heineken Caribbean and Central America.

A panel of judges will evaluate the contestants of Heineken’s Green Synergy Finale on criteria which includes music selection, cross-over mixing, technique and crown response. The Green Synergy 2009 Champion will win US$10,000 and the opportunity to perform at St. Maarten’s Heineken Regatta, the biggest sailing event in the Caribbean which commemorates its 30th Anniversary in 2010.

“Music enthusiasts await this program as it affords them a platform to showcase their spinning and mixing skills. We are very excited with the anticipation that this year’s clash has created,” said Morales.

A total of 18 markets in the Caribbean region activated Heineken Green Synergy in 2008, with over 65 regional musical events celebrated in the region. Attended by more than 1,000 music lovers, the grand finale in Curacao was won by D.J Frankie Baby from St. Maarten. Previous winners include D.J Mixmaster Pauly from St. Maarten, D.J. Fines from Bahamas, and D.J Ice Kid from St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Already in its sixth year, Heineken Green Synergy 2008 created a synergy between different types of music and bringing together all Heineken consumers. For more information, visit the Heineken Green Synergy website at