Book follows lecture series
August 21, 2009
Book follows lecture series

Following last year’s successful ‘Behold the Man’ lecture series, the non-profit organisation 2 By 2 has recently published a book that compiles the information presented on each of the chosen seven male personalities.{{more}}

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Luke Browne, 2 By 2 President and Director of Research & Writing, explained that the publication outlines the progression of the lecture series. “It was timely that we presented on these individuals.” The personalities included are Vincentians Sir Fred Phillips and Dr J.P Eustace, as well as C.L.R James, Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela, Sir Arthur Lewis and Barack Obama.

Browne pointed out that the decision to publish the compilation seemed like a natural progression, as it has the power to further spread the organisation’s message. “Through the book, we’re able to reach a broader cross section… It was the logical step to take after the lecture series.”

The book, ‘Behold the Man’, was financed privately. Therefore, the organisation’s directors are hopeful that the sales will offset its cost. Browne was mindful to note that any profits from book sales will be used to “create and develop” the structures and aims of 2 By 2.

Although there are currently 1,000 books in circulation, Browne and his team hope that the demand for the book is such that more copies will need to be printed. Judging by the positive feedback that the organisation received about the 7-part lecture series, this is not an unrealistic expectation.

Browne also shared that the organisation is mulling over some initiatives that they would like to implement in relation to bringing their message to the schools. “We would want to lend our services to education in general… We hope that this book, and other such books, can find its way into the classroom!”

2 By 2 further believes that the book should be viewed as a celebration of Vincentian identity because it features two sons of the soil – Sir Fred and Dr Eustace. They serve as role models for the youth because they provide them with a glimpse of the heights to which they can attain. “This [the book] isn’t something of ourselves. This is something everyone has a stake in!”

So what is the next step for this tenacious, young group? They will be adhering by the necessary procedure to legally register the organisation as a non-profit one, and planning for their next lecture series, which will celebrate great women in history. Browne acknowledged that this next series was originally scheduled to take place this summer, but had to be postponed due to circumstances beyond their control.

Although a firm price has not yet been decided on, the organisation is aiming to make the book affordable to the average Vincentian. 2 By 2 also expects to distribute the publication within the major bookstores.

At present, members of the public can get a copy of the book by contacting any of the organisation’s directors: Luke Browne, Jamal Browne, Kimsha Williams and Asa Archie.