July 31, 2009
SVG ‘top of the line’ depot for Trinidad

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves is planning to set up a ‘top of the line depot’ where Vincentian traders can store their produce in Trinidad.{{more}}

At the Methodist Church Hall, where the Alternative Sustainable Livelihood Project was launched on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009, Dr.Gonsalves announced that he had already spoken to Prime Minister Patrick Manning of Trinidad and Tobago about the venture.

He said Vincentian traders to twin island republic sometimes suffer losses when their produce is damaged due to the lack of a proper storage facility.

The prime minister noted that he wanted to have this problem addressed because the Trinidad market was critical to Vincentian farmers.

Meanwhile, Dr.Gonsalves used the opportunity to announce that that the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank is projecting that the economies of the OECS will decrease by 2 per cent this year if the governments of the sub-region do not take timely measures to address the problems brought on by the global economic down turn.

Dr.Gonsalves said the Central Bank is also predicting a worst case scenario where the decline in the OECS can hit 5.9 per cent. (HN)