Anglican youths return from meet
July 31, 2009
Anglican youths return from meet

Having recently returned from the 2009 Anglican Provincial Youth Gathering (PYG) in Jamaica and having been exposed to creative ways of worshipping, fifteen enthusiastic young persons are ready to inject some of that creativity into their various churches.{{more}}

On a visit to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, the delegates were only too happy to share the experience gained while abroad. The young people, who represented various Anglican parishes in St Vincent and the Grenadines, said that they were quite astonished by the various ways in which praise could be offered to the Lord. They said that Bible study and scripture readings were all done in the form of small skits and dances, something that they do not experience at their churches here.

Held at the Starfish Resort in Trelawny from the July 18-25, the gathering was held under the theme: “Anglican Youth: Co-Workers with Christ, called to be disciples”. While in Jamaica, the young people also engaged in workshops on crime and violence and abstinence. They were also involved in outreach programs in which several of them journeyed to the different communities across Jamaica and sang to children there.

One of the delegates’ wishes is for the church to shift from its traditional modes of worship and let the creative minds of young people go to work. They said oftentimes young people are tentative about bringing their ideas to the forefront because of fear of offending the older members of the church. “We don’t want to do this… all we want is to have something where everyone can enjoy at the same time while having worship.”

Seemingly even more excited than the youngsters, Chaperone Maxine Browne described the gathering in Jamaica as an unforgettable and transforming experience. She said the gathering has helped some of the delegates to discover their talents. “This has truly been wonderful and it was just great to see the creative talents on display,” Browne noted.

As for her immediate plans, Browne said she is working on reviving the Anglican Youth Movement (AYM) and will incorporate some the things learnt in Jamaica into its activities.

Browne thanked the Bishop of the Windward Islands, C. Leopold Friday, Dean Patrick McIntosh and the Rectors and parish priests from the other parishes in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Attending the workshop, which is held every three years were young people from the eight Dioceses that make up the Church in the Province of the West Indies: The Diocese of Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands, Diocese of Barbados, Diocese of Belize, Diocese of Guyana, Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago, Diocese of Jamaica and Cayman Islands, Diocese of North Eastern Caribbean and Aruba and Diocese of the Windward Islands. (KW)