July 10, 2009
Farmers meet to discuss Constitution bill

Representatives from farmers groups stretching from Chateaubelair on the north-west coast to Overland in the north-east, on Wednesday July 8, engaged in informative discussions on the proposed Constitution Bill, read in the House of Assembly for the first time on May 28, 2009.{{more}}

The Consultation was organized by the Windward Islands Farmers Association (WINFA) which is represented on the Constitution Review Steering Commission (CRSC) by its Coordinator, Renwick Rose, who chaired the meeting. A thorough presentation on the Bill, the constitutional processes necessary for its passage and related explanations, was made by CRSC Chairman Parnel Campbell, Q.C.

A very lively discussion on the contents of the Bill then ensued, with particular focus on the referendum process, the proposals for a new Parliament, fundamental rights and freedoms especially in respect to adequate and timely compensation for property acquired. The issues of expanded rights for women under the proposed new Constitution the functioning of a Human Rights Commission and Ombudsman were welcomed as healthy provisions in the Bill.

WINFA, in response to calls from the participants, has pledged to hold further consultations with farmers and disseminate more information on the Constitutional reform process.