‘Red Carpet’ cake laced with Marijuana
July 3, 2009
‘Red Carpet’ cake laced with Marijuana

All speculations have been put to rest. Marijuana was indeed an ingredient in the cake served at the recent graduation ball put on by graduates of the Division of Arts, Sciences and Humanities of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College.{{more}}

In last week’s issue of SEARCHLIGHT, we reported that two recent graduates of the College, Rafeila Phillips and Aria Laidlow, who attended the graduation ball, ended up at the Accident and Emergency Department of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital after eating cake which they suspected had been spiked with marijuana.

Blood and Urine test results returned to Phillips from the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital Laboratory revealed that cannabis was present in her body on Tuesday, June 23. Tests were also run to ascertain whether other forms of drugs were found including: Cocaine, Opiates, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines and PCPII. All these tests returned negative.

Phillips said she intends to take her results to the Calliaqua Police Station, where a complaint about the matter has been lodged.

However, the saga continues for Laidlow, who up to now has not received her test results. Laidlow told SEARCHLIGHT earlier this week that she is at a total loss as to why she has not received her results. “When I went there on Saturday to collect my results, I was told by a male nurse that my test could not be found or it was never sent to the lab for testing,” Laidlow explained. Further attempts were made to unravel the new mystery of Laidlow’s missing results, but proved futile. Angered by the turn of events, Laidlow said that she brought the matter to the attention to a senior person at the hospital but was given the same response. “I find that this is total stupidness. If me and Rafiela did the same tests within minutes of each other that night, how come it’s only mine they cannot find?” she rhetorically asked.

Last Friday, June 26, a meeting was held at the division between Phillips, Laidlow, Dean of the Division Rosa Vanloo, other officials and two male former students of the Division who both young women identified as the ones who had been serving the cake that night.

Both of the young men were confronted about the incident but denied any knowledge of the cake or serving it at the graduation ball.

Laidlow said that situation has now left her not knowing what to do since her results as well as the persons who served the cake that night have seemingly disappeared without a trace. (KW)