Police announce operation order for Carnival
June 26, 2009
Police announce operation order for Carnival

As Carnival 2009 quickly approaches its kick off, the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) took the opportunity to dispense advice and caution to citizens at a press conference held on Wednesday, June 24.{{more}}

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller assured the public that the RSVGPF is working diligently to ensure a safe and low-crime Carnival again this year. “A high police presence is very important,” he stressed. Miller added that this season’s Operation Order was designed to repair and foster good relations between members of the public and the Police Force.

ACP Lenroy Brewster announced that the ‘No Bottle’ policy will be in full effect throughout the Carnival season, and urged vendors and patrons alike to heed the warning. He stressed that anyone found with bottles will be arrested and fined.

Brewster also announced that since there will be greater police presence on the streets, more ‘stop and search’ procedures are likely to be carried out. He advised citizens to leave their weapons at home because they will be arrested and detained throughout the Carnival period if found on their person.

He further gave counsel on ways to deter burglars from raiding homes when the owners are away at Carnival shows. “It is important that measures are put in place… to minimize the incidence of burglary in the community.” Brewster suggested that homeowners secure their properties before leaving, inform neighbours that they will be out and for how long, and to carry as few valuables with them to events as possible. He also warned banks and other financial institutions to be on the alert for counterfeit EC and US currency.

In brief remarks, ACP Eckron Lockhart acknowledged that carnival brings many challenges to the RSVGPF, but he is confident that the Force is well prepared to handle any eventuality. He pointed out that the past 3 years of Carnival have been relatively peaceful and he hopes that 2009 will follow this.

Lockhart outlined measured to be implemented, which included: Stop and Search operations, 24/7 patrols of Kingstown, cracking down on sound systems, revelers and trucks abiding by the stipulated time limits and monitoring the infiltration of mas bands by unauthorized persons. “Our sole purpose is to make St. Vincent safe!” he assured.

Superintendent Bertram Cumberbatch gave a run down of the usual parking and traveling restrictions that will apply from June 26th – July 7th.

“We’re asking for your cooperation,” Cumberbatch beseeched.

Assistant Superintendent Joseph Jack gave pertinent advice on how citizens could avoid fires in the home. “Every fire can be prevented by eliminating the cause!” he stressed. His advice included switching electrical appliances off and unplugging them when leaving the house for extended periods of time; unplugging the gas supply; avoiding leaving children at home unsupervised; keeping cigarette lighters and matches away from children; keeping all flammable liquids safely locked away; purchasing a fire extinguisher, and securing the correct permission to use fireworks. (JSV)