June 19, 2009
Investing in trash bins for Vincy Mas

The Central Water and Sewerage Authority and the Solid Waste Management Unit will invest approximately $46,000 in Vincy Mas 2009.{{more}}

At a press conference held on Tuesday June 16th, Solid Waste Manager Winsbert Quow announced that $14,500 of this would be used for sponsorship to Mas bands and the Carnival Development Committee, while the remainder will be used to provide solid waste management and water services.

The provision of solid waste management services includes the placement of skips around Kingstown at the Geest Shed gap, Heritage Square, the Banana Input Warehouse, White Chapel road, Peace Memorial Hall, the Chamber of Commerce car park, Near to the Iron Man, Between Income Tax and the National Commercial Bank, Opposite Anglican Church and near Gibson’s on Bay Street.

Quow called on vendors and the general public to utilize the bins to prevent the problem of excessive littering.

The CWSA will also provide water for washing the streets and for toilet facilities in Kingstown. Quow is calling on persons frequenting Kingstown during the Carnival season to make use of the temporary toilets. These facilities will be placed close to the library, in the area next to the Anglican School Annex, at Heritage Square next to the comfort station.