Guardsman on the ball
June 19, 2009
Guardsman on the ball

Pupils of the Brighton Methodist School who were successful in the recent Common Entrance Exams are being rewarded with an assistance program which was introduced to the school last year.{{more}}

The brainchild of the school’s Headteacher and grade six teachers, pupils who passed the May 29 examination are set to receive financial support to assist with purchasing textbooks for the various secondary schools.

On Monday, June 15th, the school received some assistance towards their goal of reaching $2,000 when security company Guardsman handed over a cheque of $250 towards the scheme.

Former student of the Brighton Methodist School, Anetta Antoine, now an employee of Guardsman, presented the cheque to Derna Toby-Peters, a senior teacher at the school.

Peters said the money raised will offer some economic relief to the parents who would each receive a voucher, which would be taken to the child’s secondary school and exchanged for books.

Peters indicated that with the help of Guardsman and other like-minded corporate citizens, the 20 successful students who passed Common Entrance this year will be one step closer to realizing their dreams. (JJ)