Nafesha tops in Windsor’s 100 per cent passes
June 12, 2009
Nafesha tops in Windsor’s 100 per cent passes

The teachers and pupils of the Windsor Primary School are still basking in glory after the school attained 100 per cent passes this year. All 13 pupils who wrote the Common Entrance Examinations – 5 boys and eight girls – were successful.{{more}}

But among the thirteen, one student shone brightest. Nafesha Richardson achieved the feat with grades of 91.67 per cent for English, 98.33 per cent for Mathematics, and 90 per cent for General Paper, placing fourth for girls and sixth overall.

Richardson, the daughter of Julia and Rudy Richardson, reflecting on the examinations, said all three subjects were equal in terms of difficulty.

The lass, who has aspirations of becoming a Lawyer, said her mother assisted her with preparations for the exams.

Headteacher Carol Smith expressed happiness and satisfaction with this year’s results.

“I am not surprised. I was expecting it. We knew we would have been in the top 10 and we did it,” said the elated Smith.

Smith said the students’ performance throughout the academic year and during the mock exams gave her and the teachers confidence that they would have done well.

The Grade Six Class was taught by Jacqueline DaSilva and Asha Ross. (HN)