Media tours Vincy Pac base at Old Montrose
May 29, 2009
Media tours Vincy Pac base at Old Montrose

The Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force has been very helpful in the execution of Operation Vincy Pac, as they have brought their expertise and skills in crime eradication to the exercise.{{more}}

So said Commissioner of Police Keith Miller during a tour of the base of Operation Vincy Pac at the Old Montrose Police Station on Friday, 22 May, 2009.

Members of the media were allowed access to several areas of the base, including the Operations and Intelligence rooms, the Kitchen area, sleeping dorms, campsite and medical centre. Leading the tour, Commissioner Miller emphasized the sensitive nature of the information at the base and noted that media could not access areas such as the Communications Department.

For the past two weeks, the base has been home to members of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force and the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, who have been engaged in Operation Vincy Pac, which began on Monday, May 18th. The “intelligence based” operation also includes collaboration from regional groups such as the Regional Security System (RSS) and the Central Liaison Office.

Media personnel were also taken to the kitchen area where meals were being prepared for the soldiers, and were shown the sleeping dorms where the members of the Trinidad Defence Force were resting. They were then escorted to the camp base stationed behind the Old Montrose Police station, where tents and portable bathroom facilities were set up for the soldiers. Access was also granted to the Medical unit at the base, which is fully equipped with beds, medical supplies and certified medical practitioners from Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force.(OS)