Wyllie is new Industrial Relations Officer of SVGTU
May 22, 2009
Wyllie is new Industrial Relations Officer of SVGTU

Former Deputy Chief Education Officer, Hugh Wyllie, has been appointed Industrial Relations and Research Officer of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union(SVGTU).{{more}}

The announcement was made by President of the Union Sheldon Govia, at a press conference held on Tuesday, May 12.

Wyllie, who joined the union in 1974, expressed his pleasure at embarking upon this new challenge, and promised to put maximum effort into his duties. In particular, he voiced his intention to reactivate certain branches of the Teachers’ Union that have become defunct. “I’ll make that my priority!”

In brief remarks, Vibert Lampkin, SVGTU Public Relations Officer, explained that Wyllie is an excellent choice for the post, because he has a successful background in education and literacy, and is “well placed to deliver services that are important at this point in time.”

Govia described the new IRR Officer as “a stalwart in this Union,” and related: “I know he will do his best to ensure that this Union continues to grow. We expect to accomplish more.”

The post was previously held by Denniston Douglas, who resigned from the position in 2007. (JSV)