April 24, 2009
SVGBC urging businesses to trade through tough times

A campaign promoting the need to trade through difficult economic times and advertise on radio will begin on Thursday, April 23rd, as part of the Hitz 103.7 and Ezee Radio’s brand marketing campaign.{{more}}

The campaign, called “Radio Advertising- Economic sense”, features well known radio personality Gruvemaster and uses humour to highlight why radio advertising on both stations makes economic sense in tough economic times.

Head of Sales and Marketing, Candice Sealey says that SVGBC, the corporate company of both Hitz 103.7 and Ezee Radio, is aware that advertising budgets are often cut when overall budgets are tight, so the ads have been developed to counteract that way of thinking and they are further aided by varied ad packages, including those for small businesses, as well as guidance given to clients about the best time and place on radio to slot their advertising depending on what is being offered, so as to get the best returns. She further added that often times businesses see advertising as an expense as opposed to an investment from which they can get returns.

“The ads highlight that people are still shopping, eating out, partying and travelling- and that Ezee Radio and Hitz 103.7 are cost-effective advertising mediums that can be highly targeted and so they are a good choice in tough economic times,” Sealey said.

Research has also shown good reasons and advantages to continue to advertise in tough economic times, including the fact that brand advertising will make a product/service stand out. Sealey stated that consumers are more likely to stick with a known brand/company and look to brands for reassurance. If brands are approaching uncertain times with confidence then consumer spending will follow suit.

The first stage includes advertiser endorsements – and also features regular advertisers. “The main idea is to use the other advertisers in the break as an endorsement for the radio stations. We introduce an ad and highlight the fact that these advertisers are doing the right thing”. It also includes, among other things, an advertiser endorsement from Gruvemaster who explains the benefits for the following business who has maintained their marketing budget and continued to advertise on Hitz 103.7 & Ezee Radio. The aim is to demonstrate through the series of ads that advertising during tough economic times is important in order to stay top of mind with the consumer.

The ads will form the first part of a four part brand marketing campaign for Hitz 103.7 & Ezee Radio.