Minister of Labour gets petition from 4 unions
April 24, 2009
Minister of Labour gets petition from 4 unions

Minister of Labour René Baptiste has been petitioned by four trade unions for the elected members of the House of Assembly to endorse and ratify the International Labour Organization Convention 151 during this current sitting of the House.{{more}}

This convention concerns protection of the right to organize and procedures for determining conditions of employment in the public service.

The petition was signed by Philbert John, General Secretary of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union (SVGTU); Noel Jackson, General Secretary of the National Workers Movement (NWM); Alice Mandeville, President of the Commercial Technical and Allied Workers’ Union (CTAWU) and Elroy Boucher, General Secretary of the Public Service Union (PSU).

The letter to the Minister said: “The Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has over the years consistently demonstrated its interest in the growth and development of the labour movement as an integral part of creating and maintain(ing) a viable economy and democracy.” This is evidenced, the letter said, by the recognition of various bargaining units, enacting appropriate labour legislation and ratifying sixteen ILO Conventions.

“The trade unions of SVG regard and support the ILO Convention 151 as an important pillar in the architecture of the trade union establishment in keeping with international norms for the representation of public sector workers,” the letter said.