Chateaubelair woman appeals for assistance
March 27, 2009
Chateaubelair woman appeals for assistance

When life deals a tough hand, some may accept it, others may wallow in self-pity, but 29-year-old Carla Samuel of Sharpes Village, Chateaubelair, is determined to achieve her goals, despite the severe financial and health challenges she faces.{{more}}

Born with a large skin growth across the right side of her neck, Carla has spent her whole life having people stare at her. The negative attention, however, didn’t stop her from attending school and graduating with CSEC passes.

In 2005, Carla was diagnosed with a goiter, fibroids and severe anemia. These conditions also affect other organs and body functions. The fibroids are causing her abdomen to enlarge and are pressing against her kidneys, affecting their functioning and causing severe pains.

Carla said that because of the size of her abdomen, people are spreading rumors that she is pregnant. “I don’t pay that no mind because I know my condition,” she said.

At present, Carla is in consultation with doctors in Trinidad who will have to perform four procedures to correct her conditions. These procedures should have been done since March, last year, but Karla has been unable to raise the funds. Meanwhile, her condition keeps worsening.

The total cost of the procedures, including airfare, is estimated to be around TT$55,000. The Chateaubelair Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church has made a $1,000 donation, and account number 130136 has been set up at the National Commercial Bank (NCB) to receive other donations.

Carla has completed several courses in hospitality services and a course in Information Technology (IT) in which she graduated at the top of her class. She also hopes to go on to university and one day manage her own hotel. “I would really like to give back to my community and inspire the younger ones to never give up on their dreams,” she said. Carla can be contacted at telephone number (784) 527-1207

and she wishes to thank all who have supported and encouraged her through the years.