March 20, 2009
South Rivers man is $557,000 richer

A 52-year-old businessman of South Rivers is the lucky winner of the $557,000 Lotto Jackpot.

During a press conference on Wednesday 18th March 2009 at the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) Headquarters, Winston Arrington told the story behind his lotto victory.{{more}}

According to Arrington, the winning ticket was purchased at Rickie Grant’s lotto booth in South Rivers on Tuesday 10th March 2009. Arrington said he heard the winning numbers being announced the next morning and believed that he had only four of the numbers. He then went to the mountains. While there, he received news that he had all five winning numbers; apparently the incorrect numbers had been called.

Arrington however said he wasn’t all that surprised when he found out that he had won. “I was playing lotto so long, I thought I should win,” he said. Arrington, who has played Lotto since its inception, has won three and four digit cash prizes from Lotto draws in the past.

Speaking at the press conference, General Manager, McGregor Sealy urged Arrington to use his new found wealth wisely as he has known of many persons in the past who have squandered their earnings. He also urged Arrington to invest some of his money in his children. “A good way of spending this money is by educating your children,” Sealey advised.

Arrington has three daughters, two in Secondary School and one in Primary School and plans to put some money towards them. His other plans include marrying his girlfriend of 18 years and giving donations to charity.

Arrington, who described himself as being well taken care of financially before his winnings, has a shop in South Rivers, called “Cubano” and does not intend to stop playing lotto or 3D, which he also plays, anytime soon. He however had some encouraging words for Lotto players “Continue to play Lotto,” he said.