March 20, 2009
Fancy celebrates National Heroes Day

by Donn DeRiggs 20.MAR.09

With the theme “Celebrating our people: … rich in history, culture, and unique traditions” and for the fifth year running, the Fancy community staged a cultural rally on Saturday, March 14th, to commemorate the life our lone national hero, Callinago* and Garifuna* Paramount Chief, Joseph Chatoyer.{{more}}

This year, the rally featured drumming, Garifuna dancing, poetry, rap, and performances by local soca artistes, including ‘Johnny Rebel’, ‘Luta’ and ‘Fireman’ Hooper. The Mustique band “Coral” provided the music while a DJ kept the crowd entertained with conscious songs, appropriate for this occasion. Also making an address during the function was the Member of Parliament for North Windward, Montgomery Daniel.

The high point of the day’s activity was the announcement and subsequent signing of documents to build a new water catchment tank in Fancy. At present, due to the purity of the water in the

Fancy river, water it supplied directly from the river to consumers, but whenever it rains heavily, waterborne sediment (muddy water) finds it way into consumers’ homes. The construction of the tank will prevent this problem from happening in the future and would guarantee consumers clean water whether it rains heavily or not.

The funds (EC$ 207,947) for the construction of the tank came from the Social Investment Fund (SIF), with the CWSA effecting the technical designs and coordinating the construction of the tank which is expected to begin later this year.

On hand to sign the documents were Director of SIF, Bentley Browne with Elna Michael signing on behalf of the Fancy community. General Manager of the CWSA, Garth Saunders signed on behalf of his company. Both men spoke briefly about the project and its immense benefits, while Michael thanked both agencies for a well needed project and hoped that it would commence during the dry season so that it could be completed before the heavy rains begin.

This is not the first time that SIF is making a tangible contribution to Fancy. On a previous occasion the SIF provided funds to start a playing field in Fancy. A multi-purpose hardcourt has already been built while the retaining wall for the cricket/soccer field is to be completed before the final grading and grassing of the field is done.

The MC for the National Heroes Day programme in Fancy was Maxwell ‘Tajo’ Francis. ‘Tajo’ was also instrumental in training the school children for this year’s National Heroes Day performances.

Callinago = so called Yellow ‘Caribs’, who migrated from South Amerika.

Garifuna = so called Black ‘Caribs’ who arrived here from Africa before Columbus.