March 20, 2009
Bequia Mission Canada brings in more support

The Bequia Mission Local committee began its week of activities on Wednesday, March 11, 2009, with the distribution of supplies to secondary, primary and preschools on the Island. The School for Children with Special Needs and the Bequia Casualty Hospital were among the institutions receiving donations. Gifts ranging from stationery, a computer printer, a radio cassette recorder and medical supplies were some of the items donated.{{more}} The staff, students and nurses expressed their appreciation to members of the Local Committee for the donations.

Sunday, March 15, sixty seven (67) food hampers were given to senior citizens, shut-ins and physically challenged persons throughout Bequia. The recipients were delighted when the mission members knocked on their doors, the gifts were received with deepest appreciation.

One could not help but note the special bond that exists between Gerry and Sandra Bird and the people of Bequia, especially from the village of Paget Farm; as they climb the steep hills, traversing mere tracks at times with carry bags weighing over 70 pounds, the hugs received and the expressions of thank you were very gratifying. Sandra Bird was deeply moved almost to the point of tears of joy to be back on Bequia. It was indeed a thrilling experience for the Treasurer of the Mission Jean Holder, and mission volunteers Mark Zippel, John and Kathy West, Jim and Jamie West.

Some of the goods were sent directly from the Mission in Canada. The bulk goods were purchased locally with funds provided by the Parent body in Canada.

Tuesday, March 17th was appreciation day. This function was organized locally and was held at the Community Centre in Paget Farm. It was at this evening of fellowship that the public came out to thank the Mission for the assistance received and for its work done on the Island.

President Gerry Bird thanked the public for the sentiments expressed and the local committee for the way it performed. Sylvester Tannis said that his committee is very happy to be working along with such generous Canadians who, through their love for this beautiful country continue to give in spite of difficult economic times. He also thanked the Government for granting the necessary concessions to enable it to carry out its plans.

Other members of the local committee are Patsy Chambers, Carmette Gooding, Myrtle James, Morrie Hercules, Elaine Ollivierre, Catherine Phillips and Tauran Ollivierre.

The Bequia Mission is currently repairing a house at O’car Reform Bequia for a needy family. This idea was born out of the visit while delivering food hampers last year. The Birds were alarmed by the condition of the house in which the family lived and vowed to do something to help. This project represents a new idea for the Mission.

Other programmes carried out by the Mission include a feeding program for shut-ins and school children, scholarships to needy students at the Primary schools, Secondary schools and the Community College. Assistance in other areas to persons who qualify under its programme is also given. The Bequia Mission Canada also supports other institutions on mainland St. Vincent. With continued support from our parent organization and initiatives by the local committee they endeavor to continue meeting the needs of the less fortunate in the community.