March 13, 2009
Vinlec wires a big headache for Pembroke resident

Matthew Jarvis’ greatest sense of pride comes from his home. His lush garden and well-kept house are what he describes as his castle. However, according to the man, his castle is being invaded by a VINLEC pole, which he says is causing danger to his home.{{more}}

According to Jarvis, the wires of the pole are bruising a coconut tree at the back of his yard and have caused a series of fires to erupt.

The issue with the pole began between the 21st and 22nd of February when Jarvis said that work was done on the pole. According to him, the pole was moved and placed in its current location, causing the wires to extend over his back yard. Jarvis said that before the pole was moved, everything was fine. “I had no problem with it,” he said.

Previously, the wires of the pole were hanging outside his fence. Now, he says, they are right above his home and have connected with a tree in his backyard causing fires and the scorching the leaves of the tree.

“Everybody telling me fire blazing in my yard,” an irate Jarvis said.

When Searchlight visited Jarvis’ home at Pembroke, he was obviously upset about the damage done to his tree, and the danger that could befall his house and dogs whose kennels are located just under the tree. “This is my life, this is my dream, this is what I live for,” he stressed.

Jarvis has made several complaints to Vinlec but he says the he was not treated well by the company’s representatives and was not told what to do about the situation. “Their attitude is not good!” he lamented.

Searchlight spoke with Communications Officer Tamara Job, who said that VINLEC workers had visited Jarvis’ home and cut away the branches, which may have grown back since then. Job also said that Jarvis has two options, either cut down his tree, which he does not want to do, or apply for relocation of the pole, at which time the lines can be removed. (OS)