March 13, 2009
Police prepared to help businesses

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller, on Tuesday this week, held a meeting with representatives from some of the major financial institutions here to discuss matters of security for their businesses.{{more}}

Some of the topics touched by the COP included issues relating to theft and robbery, bomb threats and money laundering.

Addressing the gathering, Miller said that a review had been done of the past two years and revealed that there were a number of incidents relating to on the job theft and certain instances of robberies at institutions where there is a heavy turnover of cash.

Miller noted that some businesses are making conscious efforts to beef up security while others are just not doing enough to protect themselves. Miller said that investigations revealed that in some instances, employees of the institution either committed the petty crimes or assisted other persons in doing so.

In the cases of employers hiring persons for high level positions at their firms, Miller said the police are prepared to help these business places carry out background checks on prospective employees. He encouraged the representatives to put the simple things in place and also to buy the best quality security systems. “Don’t make the burglar or thief get the upper hand. We are sending a strong message out to thieves and burglars that we are beefing up our security and not taking anything to chance,” Miller assured.

The Commissioner also indicated that the police force is in the process of drawing up a training program for all security officers in St Vincent and the Grenadines.(KW)