March 13, 2009
Livestock farmers cash in on feed deal

The Ministry of Agriculture continues to provide assistance to farmers as they engage in activities that are aimed at improving the quality and yields on the farms. The latest farmers to benefit are 81 livestock farmers who so far have been able to buy close to 5,000 sacks of feed sold to them at half price.{{more}}

This is but one of the areas highlighted as a measure through which farmers will be assisted in their efforts to put the farms into production for the new planting season. It is one of the measures being used to support the aims and objectives of the National Food Plan which is Food Security and availability / affordability of local foods to all consumers.

With respect to livestock farmers, this assistance comes readily in preparation for the dry season when other forage materials become scarce and resources to finance the start-up activities on the farms are in high demand.

Farmers wishing to benefit from the low cost feeds are required to go to the Animal Health and Production Division at the Ministry of Agriculture with their Farmer ID card and a recording of the amount of animals or livestock they own. On verification of all the information supplied, a voucher is issued, the payment made and the feeds are collected at the ECGC at Campden Park.

This program started in mid December of 2008 and is expected to be in place until supplies last.