March 13, 2009
LIAT adopts zero-tolerance approach to dishonest workers

Regional airline LIAT on Friday, March 6th said it would adopt a “zero tolerance” approach to breaches of its policies governing honesty and integrity.{{more}}

A statement from the airline said that while the overwhelming majority of LIAT’s workers were professionals of the highest integrity, recent events had proven that there were a few misguided ones, who, if allowed to continue with the company, could tarnish its image and the image of their colleagues.

“LIAT’s management is not prepared to sit back and allow a few bad apples to give the company’s workers a bad name,” the statement said.

“Anyone found to be engaged in stealing, fraud, dealing in drugs or any other form of illegal activity will be handed over to the police. Our new approach is quite simple – we will name them and shame them,” added the statement.

It pointed to the recent dismissal of two employees in Grenada who had failed to turn over to the company, money they had collected from passengers for airline tickets, as a clear signal that offenders would be severed and handed over to the police.