March 6, 2009
Vincentians encouraged to get tested early

With Cancer now declared the number one cause of death in St Vincent and the Grenadines, the outgoing president of the SVG Cancer Society, Dr. Sherian Slater, is calling on Vincentians to use the one tool that could guarantee their best response to an encounter with cancer.{{more}}

That tool, said Dr. Slater, is early diagnosis. “Most cancers respond well to treatment when they are detected early,” Dr Slater said. “But too many persons are not being tested or are waiting too late due to fear, and as a result suffer unnecessarily when they are finally diagnosed.”

The outgoing President of the SVG Cancer Society views this as “regrettable” because she said: “We now have reliable tests for detecting cancers of the cervix, breast and prostate available here in St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Dr. Slater was speaking ahead of the convening of the 14th Annual General Meeting of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cancer Society which is now in its 16th year of existence.

She is calling on persons who are cancer sufferers, have a relative or friend who has cancer, care for someone who has cancer or are survivors of the disease to come out and be part of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cancer Society. Elections will also take place and persons wishing to serve are welcome.

When the AGM takes place today, Friday March 6, the president in her report is expected to reveal how many persons were assisted by the Society in accessing treatment over the last year, among other things.

Persons and businesses are also encouraged to support the work of the Society which has worked along with some businesses in educating their employees regarding cancer over the past year.

Jamaican Dr. Carole Rattray will deliver the feature address at the meeting on the subject of Cancer Prevention. The general public is invited to attend. The AGM takes place on the top floor of the building which houses the Golden Apple restaurant, opposite the Postal Services Corporation, and begins at 5 p.m.