March 6, 2009
SVGCC holds fund raising activities for King

by Omesha Spence 06.MAR.09

Over the next couple of weeks, the students of St. Vincent Community College (SVGCC) will be busy with parties and fun activities as they continue in their series of fund raising events in aid of Rodney King.{{more}}

Rodney King, a first year student of the SVGCC has Chronic Kidney Failure, a life threatening disease that can only be relieved by a Kidney Transplant. King’s operation was scheduled for earlier this year, but because of financial difficulties it was put on hold. The students of the SVGCC, hearing Rodney’s story, have decided to assist by raising funds.

The activities commenced on Friday, 27th February, where students of the St. Vincent Community College dished out a healthy dose of generosity. All the clubs of the college, including the Performing Arts Society, the Modern Languages Club, the Environmental Club and the Heritage Club, among others, held a fun day at the school, one of the many events scheduled for this month.

In a festive atmosphere, students paid to participate in football matches, a mini salon, face painting and body art, video games and a book sale, all while surrounded by music and a smoky barbecue aroma.

Searchlight, present on Friday 27th, spoke to some of the students who seemed to be enjoying themselves.

“I think it’s a good initiative. It’s for a good cause, so I think its good,” one student said. Another was impressed with the friendship of the students at the event. “I think that it’s remarkable that despite our differences, we can come together as one for a good cause,” she said.

President of the Performing Arts Society Narrissa King told Searchlight that she thought that the event shows what can happen when young people come together for a good cause. “It’s not often that young people get tighter for a worthy cause,” she said.

The social clubs of the St. Vincent Community College have many more activities planned, including a sponsored walk on the windward side of the island, a car wash at the Colors entertainment centre and a party at the 40/40 club at Calliaqua.