March 6, 2009
South Rivers man’s hand severed in cutlass attack

A 26-year-old farmer of South Rivers is thanking his lucky stars that he is still alive despite an attack by two cutlass-wielding assailants who severed his right hand.{{more}}

Tony Barnum, a resident of Pasture, is still in a daze and in lots of pain, following the incident which took place in the early hours of Saturday, February 28th.

Barnum recounted the minutes just before he was attacked by two men who he said were waiting for him in a dark alley.

“It was about minutes to three. I was liming on the roadside with my friend, then me friend send me to call somebody for him. When I coming back, two of them run out on me.”

Barnum claimed that he did not see the men until they were a few feet from him.

He said that the last thing he remembered before waking up in the hospital about four hours later was the blade of one cutlass striking him on his right hand.

He was discovered by his brother and some friends in a pool of blood, after someone who witnessed the incident alerted them.

He was taken to the district clinic before being rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where he spoke to SEARCHLIGHT.

Barnum’s right hand was completely hacked off at the wrist.

He also received chops to his left hand, and two lacerations to his head.

His hand was re-attached by doctors after about eight hours of surgery.

Barnum is at a loss as to why he was attacked, but believes that it may be a case of jealousy.

He claims that he had received threats by an individual, who did not appreciate him (Barnum) speaking to the individual’s girlfriend.

“This is unfair! I don’t trouble anybody. Right now I in a lotta pain.”

Barnum, also called Crap by his friends and family, said he intends to be patient and let justice take its course.

At press time, two men were assisting police in their investigation.