March 6, 2009
Police on hunt for Campden Park woman

Police are on the hunt for 25-year-old Keithlyn Richards, of Campden Park. She is expected to be charged in connection with a fire in Belair on February 23rd, in which Irvin James was badly burnt.{{more}}

At press time on Wednesday, March 4th, police were unable to locate Richards. She was discharged from the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) on February 28th, where she had been a patient since Monday, February 23rd, receiving treatment for an injury to her leg.

James, who at press time was still warded at the MCMH suffering from multiple burns to his body from the fire, had related his story to SEARCHLIGHT following the fire.

He claimed that he and his ex-girlfriend Richards had an argument in his apartment on the day of the fire and while he stood in front of his stove where he was cooking, gasoline was thrown on him.

The fuel came in contact with the lit stove and caused a loud explosion and he was set afire.

James further claims that when he reached to the door in an attempt to escape, more of the fuel was thrown on him. He then ran outside, dropped on the ground and rolled to get the flames out before seeking help from his aunt, who was upstairs.

Richards reportedly damaged her leg when she jumped over an embankment of the Belair River after the incident.

Now the young mother is facing the very serious charges of causing damage to property and grievous bodily harm, SEARCHLIGHT is reliably informed. (KJ)