March 6, 2009
Inland Revenue marks Tax Awareness Month

As part of its month long activities celebrating Tax Awareness Month, the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) held a Church Service at the Kingstown Methodist Church on Monday, March 2nd.{{more}}

The service, which was led by Inland Revenue Department Comptroller Kelvin Pompey, was a joyful and lively one – quite different from the oftentimes stuffy and dull services held by some churches.

The Bible readings and homily reflected the importance of tax payments to society and the need to be vigilant in the way they are dispersed.

Former attorney Reverend William St. Clair delivered a rousing homily about “choosing sides” in order to render to God what belongs to Him, and to render that which belongs to man. St. Clair acknowledged that taxes are a necessity, but stipulated that it is often the manner in which they are collected that sets people’s attitudes against tax collectors.

St. Clair pressed upon the congregation to adopt the Methodists’ three general rules of: “First, do no harm. Second, do all the good you can, and third, attend to the emergencies of God.”

He also urged the congregation to go out and do God’s work – something that cannot be accomplished by sitting back and not reaching out to others. “To be on God’s side, one has to be proactive!” he declared.

Harold Lewis, Assistant Comptroller at the IRD, presented a monetary donation to Compassion Ministries, which was received by Pastor Amos Dennie.

The IRD’s month of activities is being celebrated under the theme “Efficient tax administration benefiting the Nation,” and will include radio broadcasts, awareness outreach visits, taxpayer assistance, an exhibition under the gallery of the IRD from March 25th to 26th and a Customer Appreciation Day on March 27th. (JSV)