February 27, 2009
Vincy nurses for Spice Isle

If all goes according to plan, the skills and quality care exhibited by local nurses would soon be experienced by patients in hospitals in yet another Caribbean country.{{more}}

Local health officials are currently in discussions with the Ministry of Health and other Non Governmental Organizations in Grenada in relation to having Vincentian nurses employed there.

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Lansford Weekes confirmed a Grenadian newspaper article which indicated that both Ministries will shortly be engaged in talks to discuss the plan.

According to Weekes, this country is ready to make the opportunities available for nurses here who may or may not be currently employed.

“This is a positive move for us,” said Weekes, who was in the Spice Isle last week Friday having meetings with officials.

“We have been training nurses in excess of what is needed here because we are aware of a shortage of nurses in the region and around the world.”

The acting Permanent Secretary said that he was uncertain as to when the local caregivers would be going, but when they do, Grenada will join Barbados and the British Virgin Islands as employers of Vincentian nurses.

Chief Nursing Officer Audrey Scott said that she was not surprised by these developments, and that the move would be welcome news to nurses here who are not currently employed.

Scott said that the reputation of Vincentians nurses is far reaching, and that countries where our caregivers are employed can attest to the quality care.

“Our nurses are sought after regionally and internationally. We have trained enough nurses to meet the local needs as well as elsewhere outside of government.”

Scott, however, indicated that most nurses prefer to remain at home when called to work overseas. She said this is either because of family commitment or the preference to serve locally before they migrate.

Recently, a call was made by health officials in Trinidad and Tobago for Vincentians nurses to fill vacant posts in their health system.

As of the beginning of this month, a number of recently qualified registered nurses were given notice that their services would no longer be required.(JJ)