February 27, 2009
Medical Association calls for meet with PM

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Medical Association has written to Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves requesting a meeting to discuss allegations of theft at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.{{more}}

A release from the association dated February 24th and signed by President Dr Rosalind Ambrose said “In view of the recent course of events where senior doctors working at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital have been implicated in removing drugs and other items from the Hospital for use in their private practices, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Medical Association wishes to inform the general public that to date no hospital department, nor the Ministry of Health & the Environment nor other authority has approached any of these doctors with these allegations, nor is the Association aware of any investigation of such occurrences.

“It is believed that these insinuations arose following the airing of comments by the Hon. Prime Minister at the Symposium on January 27th, 2009, reaffirmed at a subsequent Press Conference, and reported in a local newspaper under the caption ‘Medical Thieves’.

These baseless allegations have since been discussed repeatedly and extensively in an indiscrete, inflammatory and slanderous manner on some radio stations, naming specific doctors in such misconduct.

“A letter has been sent to the Honourable Prime Minister to meet and discuss these issues, and the Association is awaiting a response.”