February 27, 2009
Leo Club gives IHS first Library books

The Intermediate High School was the recipient of the first set of books for their new Library at the School’s General Assembly on Monday, February 23. This is the first official handing over of books to the school’s Library Project headed by Elspeth Latchman.{{more}}

Late last year, the LEO Club of St. Vincent realised

that the school was embarking on this project and, given the club’s commitment to encouraging reading among our nation’s youth, the club put together a collection of books ranging from novels, textbooks, as well as other reference publications.

Latchman accepted the books on the school’s behalf and envisaged that the Library would go a long way in enhancing reading, motivating the students as readers, and eventually ensuring that the students gain higher standards generally and academically.

The Leo club also engages in its monthly Feeding of the Homeless activity, which targets homeless citizens on the streets of Kingstown. They were served with a corned beef or cheese sandwich, along with a cup of hot chocolate. The most current having been completed last Saturday, February 21, 2009.