February 27, 2009
KPS hosts Reading Extravaganza

The National “Hats off to Reading – celebrating the Gift” educational tour made a pit stop at the Kingstown Preparatory School (KPS) on Wednesday, 25th February, as the school hosted its Reading Extravaganza.{{more}}

Students, Teachers and Parents gathered in the yard at the back of the school where they celebrated the gift of reading through story telling, poetry, dramatization and song.

The students, adorned in creative hats for the occasion, were encouraged by Curriculum Support Officer Carol Wilson Ross to continue to read inside and outside of the classroom.

Ross also applauded teachers and parents for supporting the children. “The fact that you are here says that you are interested,” she said. She used the acrostic AIM to urge parents, teachers and students to always AIM to better themselves: Always Improve Myself.

The Hats Off to Reading event is an initiative of the Government to promote reading in all primary schools. The event, which takes place in January and February of this year, is just about finished. According to Ross, the main aim of the programme is for students to showcase what they have learnt in the classroom for everyone to see and enjoy.(OS)