February 27, 2009
GHS students give to St. Benedict’s Nursery

by Omesha Spence 27.FEB.09

If persons ever question the presence of angels on earth, they have to look no further.

The girls of Form 1G Velox of the Girls’ High School have presented themselves as humanitarians by doing a simple, selfless act.{{more}} They have contributed their time and raised funds to help the St. Benedict’s Day Nursery.

The girls learnt that the St. Benedict’s Day Nursery, located at Georgetown, has not been taking in any more children because they have limited space. This is where the girls come in.

The girls, being presented with an idea by their Headmistress Andrea Bowman, gathered toiletries and toys and presented them to the St. Benedict’s Nursery. They also spent January 29th, 2009, with the children entertaining them with songs and dances. They also have plans to raise funds to donate to the Nursery to help with renovations.

Three committee members of the fund raising programme entitled ‘New Year’s Resolution’ spoke to Searchlight about their humbling experience. “We felt happy that we were helping somebody else,” Chrisann Sutherland said.

The group of smiling faces, explained that it was customary for other classes to go on field trips before Christmas break, but they, however, chose a different path.

“Instead of taking, we gave back,” Committee Leader, Leonnis Wickham explained.

“Even though we may not have had fun like the others did by going on trips, we enjoyed seeing the children smiling,’ Sutherland added.

The experience was indeed rewarding, as the girls explained how much they enjoyed the children’s company. Explaining that most of the children are disabled and could not interact much, the girls were content with the simple ways they responded.

“I noticed that even though they may not be able to talk or walk properly they still have fun.” Wickham related that she learnt a lot about the children, who she said became very attached to the group of students.

“To have the opportunity to go and meet them… it was the best thing that ever happened to me,” a teary-eyed Dawn Samuel related.

The girls, all twelve years old, also had some sound advice for others who may look down on disabled persons.

“They might laugh at them and they do not realize that they are just like us,” Dawn said.

“We treat the children at the St. Benedict’s just as how we would want to be treated by them. We want them to know that there is someone who cares,” Sutherland added.

The girls, who all aspire to be future humanitarians, plan to return to the St. Benedict’s Day Nursery. They are, however, not sure when that will happen. The girls of the 1G Velox class have plans in place to have many activities to raise funds for the nursery, including a bake sale, debates and concerts. (OS)