February 27, 2009
East Side Connection emerges out of Sion Hill

A new organization has been formed in the Sion Hill community.{{more}}

East Side Connection has emerged out of an agreement between representatives of the NLA Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra, Sion Hill Pacers Basketball team and the C&R Sion Hill Netball team, to work as one body.

East Side Connection was formed to connect, unite and refocus the various organizations and active interest groups in the Sion Hill community as one body to tackle poverty, unemployment, crime, violence, political division and other social ills.

The group’s immediate concern is the unfinished state of the Sion Hill Village Pan Yard and Pavilion Project, which, among other things, houses the rehearsal and storage area for the steel band, recreation, meetings and sporting activities.

East Side Connection, led by its chairman Warren Knights and Deputy David Williams, is hoping to launch on Saturday, 28th February, 2009, at the Sion Hill Intersection, with a fundraiser (local foods) from 12:00 noon, followed by a short ceremony in the evening.