February 27, 2009
Chateaubelair Methodist students moved

Students of the Chateaubelair Methodist School who occupy the lower wing have been evacuated after that part of the school was deemed unsafe.{{more}}

A source at the school told SEARCHLIGHT that there are cracks in the second floor of that building, which vibrates when persons walk on the floor.

The Ministry of Education, therefore , advised that the students be relocated until the issue could be sorted out.

In a telephone interview, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Laura Browne told SEARCHLIGHT that the engineers are working to identify the problems and that her Ministry is awaiting a report indicating the required course of action.

The section of the school which was deemed unsafe housed the senior students on the first floor and the cafeteria and kitchen on the ground floor.

The evacuated students are now accommodated in the upper wing of the school.

The building was completed in the late sixties. However, the second floor was added in the mid 1990s. (AC)