February 27, 2009
Cancer Society opens thrift shop

Persons visiting the number 15 shop in the George McIntosh Market can be assured that “It’s just between us.”

This is motto of the Thrift Shop launched by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cancer Society on Tuesday, 23rd February.{{more}}

Representative of the Kingstown Town Board and Manager of the George McIntosh Market, Benjamin Haynes, officially handed over the premises and assured the Cancer Society that the Town Board can be called upon for assistance in future endeavors.

Speaking at the brief opening ceremony, Helena Alexander, Manager of the thrift shop and committee member of the SVG Cancer Society, encouraged persons to donate clothing and other items as proceeds will go toward helping cancer patients.

Making similar comments, President of the Society Dr. Sheriann Slater also encouraged the public to make donations. “I encourage you to bring those items that you no longer use,” she said. She, however, mentioned the clothing must be of good quality.

“This is not a Jumble Sale. We are asking persons to bring things of good quality, washed, ironed and preferably on a hanger so they can be properly displayed as in any clothing store,” she said.

The small store has a variety of items, including books, clothing and shoes. The initiative “Just Between Us” stems from the idea that giving and buying clothes to and from the thrift shop would remain discreet. “It’s Just between us, both for the one who brings it and those who buy,” Dr Slater said.

The thrift shop, which was donated to the Cancer Society by the Ministry of Social Development, will be opened on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (OS)