February 20, 2009
Students from Calliaqua zone celebrate the gift of Reading

Yet another school celebrated the gift of Reading this week as the “Hats of to Reading, Celebrate the Gift” Extravaganza continued at the Fair Hall Primary School.{{more}}

The Reading Extravaganza brought together schools from the Calliaqua Zone: The Belair Government School, Gomea Methodist School, Fairhall Primary, Calliaqua Anglican School, Brighton Methodist, Stubbs Primary School, the Summit Private School, Stubbs Primary School and the Calliaqua Government School.

The event, which took place on Wednesday, February 18, at the Fair Hall Primary School, featured performances by each school, which included songs, art, poems and short drama performances.

The “Hats off to Reading, Celebrate the Gift” Literary Extravaganza takes place in all primary schools during the months of January and February. The event is an initiative of the Ministry of Education to promote Reading in primary schools across St. Vincent. (OS)