February 20, 2009
Lodge Village hosts ‘Hats off to Reading’

The Lodge Village Government School hosted its second annual reading extravaganza on Friday, February 13, 2009, at the school. The programme began at 9.40 a.m. with prayers.{{more}}

The school celebrated the much-anticipated event with the national theme “Hats off to Reading – celebrate the gift”. This came on the heels of a Reading Awareness Week which took place in November 2009, during which the school held a mini reading extravaganza to highlight the success of reading and to promote and awaken a love for reading among the student population.

Following this, the Lodge Village Government School was featured in the very first issue of the Curriculum Unit in the Ministry of Education’s newsletter: “Education Alive”.

The students, with creative hats, sat around the school’s gallery to witness and participate in the oral presentations. The staff, students, parents and Ministry officials were entertained with a variety of items, including drama, poetry, ex-tempo and of course reading by the participants.

Literacy Co-ordinator Shirla John stated that the high point of the entire programme was the success of the remedial readers who also participated and read quite well. She further expressed her heartfelt gratitude to her fellow staff members and Headteacher June Russel, for the tremendous support they gave to her and the programme as a whole.

Following the oral presentations, the audience was invited to view the magnificent exhibition that put the icing on the cake of the Reading extravaganza. The display ranged from reading materials used by the teachers to students’ work, including hats, student-made books, poems and stories also written by students.

A hat competition was an added component to the programme, and the following persons were adjudged outstanding hat makers. Largest Hat – Brittany Woods; Smallest Hats – Ashantia Da Silva, Chardonnay John, Ika Samuel; Most Relevant Hat – Khalil Ashton; Hat with Best Slogan – Tauriq Providence; Most Colourful Hats – Lauryn Doyle and Hanna George and Most Creative Hat – Loushana Peters. Roye Soleyn was awarded a prize for being the Most Determine Hat-maker.

John and her colleagues are already planning for next year’s extravaganza, which they have promised will be bigger and better and involving every student at the school.